Friday, May 11, 2012

Projects under constructions...

Well I am busy with some projects... One knitting project , one purse, and a bag for my friend... none of these are finished. I am planning to finish it this weekend and then you can expect posts about all these.
And my job is taking me to Chennai for the next 10 days. So I am planning to do some cross stitching also while I travel.

So thanks for stopping by and see you soon....

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Simple Cloth bag... Instructions....

Hi All!
Here is how I made the cloth bag which I had told you about in the previous post…

Cut the outer cloth and lining cloth in the appropriate shape

Cut two rectangle pieces of the lining cloth for the pocket.

First we will finish the pocket…

Put the good sides of the rectangle pieces
 together and stitch around leaving a small space for turning
(Sew along the white dotted line)
After stitching the sides, turn it around and hand stitch the hole.
Now place this on the inner lining piece of the bag
stitch three sides along the dotted line

The pocket is ready. Now we will see how to stitch the whole bag.
Place the good sides of the inner lining together (The pocket which we have stitched comes between the two pieces) and stitch around the lower portion leaving a small space for turning.

Now take the outer layer. Put the right sides together and stitch around the lower portion. You don’t have to leave space for turning here.
Now flip the outer layer so that the good side is outside.
Insert this into the lining and pin it. (The good side of the lining and good side of the outer layer should face each other)

Now stitch the upper portion of the bag. 
Stitch the outer and inner layer together.

Now turn the good side out through the hole we have left in the lining material.

Smooth it out.
Sew along the dotted line. And fix the magnetic clasp.
Sew wooden buttons to make the bag more attractive.

Now we have to make the straps. Here I am creating two straps. 
Cut two long strips of fabric
Fold it and stitch along the seems. You can add a knot if you want.
Sew it to the bag
Take out the lining and sew the hole which we have used  for turning.
Put the lining back into the bag.

The bag is ready...

P.S. Here I haven't given instructions for fixing the magnetic clasp. I will show you that in another post soon...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A simple cloth bag...

Hi All!
Today we had a hartal here. So the planned trip to my grandmother's place was cancelled. So the 'long- postponed bag' was created. 
Well this was my first bag making venture. So I want to keep it simple. My main inspiration came from Jodie Carleton's blog, 'Ric raC'. Thank you Jodie for providing the instructions. Your  '1 hour bag' was marvelous.You can find her bag in this link

Here I have modified her original design of the bag. But I have followed most of her instructions and have added 2 straps instead of 1 in her design. 
I mainly wanted a bag to carry books to the library and I simply love cloth bags. So here is what I have created. I know that this does not look great. But since it is my first bag, I am proud of it.
I will post the instructions for this bag soon....

Friday, May 4, 2012

Feeling Low...

Well, it has been quite a week! Very disappointing week! Some problems in my office is keeping me from doing any fun work. I work hard and I am serious about my job but not getting any benefit from it. So I was not in the mood to do something 'crafty' this week. I tried to do something (make a purse, some new embroidery) but failed miserably.

The thing I do when I am totally upset is, going to a bookshop. It relieves the mind like nothing else. Simply being in the bookshop eases the tension and gives a smooth feeling of well being. That is exactly what I did on May 1st. It was a holiday so I went to a book fair. Bought three books. I was in the mood for a thriller novel, so I chose a Stephen King, and I got another version of the 'Lost World' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the last one was a Christmas story. I love Christmas stories. So whenever I see a Christmas book, I will buy it. Mostly all Christmas stories will be romance stories but sometimes I had found books of true Christmas spirit. I love the season and I love the feeling which the season brings...

Well, I have added some gadgets to my blog (like fish and puppy pictures), but it is visible only in some browsers. Hope you enjoy it! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Blooms...

The scent is spreading like a mystic song....

Summer Showers Again.....

Hi Friends,

I have been partially busy and partially not well during this weekend. So not that much sewing or crafting or painting were done for a few days. but got some more amazing summer showers...

Here are some photos of 'before the rain' and 'after the rain'.... 

Before the rain

After the rain...

Well, I couldn't capture the beauty of the showers while it was raining. But the special feeling which comes with the rain cannot be explained with a these pictures.... So till I get a better picture( till I learn to take a better picture), the rain remains only for the eyes of the beholder....