Wednesday, November 19, 2014

First time in the Capital City of My Country... Very Proud to be an Indian...

Hi All,

Its good to be back. I really missed my blogging days. Work is eating up most of my days now.
But the plus is I am able to travel a lot.

I had to go to Greater Noida recently. I got a chance to visit New Delhi on my way back since my return flight was from Delhi.

When I started from my home, I was very much disappointed that I won't be able see any places in Delhi in this trip because I was scheduled to stay in Greater Noida for only five days with no weekend in between. I went there on a Sunday. I reached Delhi around noon and from there I took a cab to Greater Noida and was not in a good health to roam around in Delhi.

While returning on the next Saturday, luckily my flight was scheduled at 1.30 PM. So I decided to take a little bit of risk and started early from Greater Noida. Normally It will take around 1 and half hours from Greater Noida to Delhi. So I started by little past 8 AM. I told the cab driver that I wanted to see two places- India Gate and Lotus Temple.

He took me to Lotus Temple first. It was so beautiful! A beautiful white lotus surrounded by a beautiful garden. Since it was a holiday and next day of Chidren's Day, it was super crowded. So I calculated that if I go inside, then I might not be able to go and see the India Gate. So i took some snaps from outside ( A good lady took my snap with the lotus temple in the background).

So happy that I could see the place and sad that I didn't have enough time to explore more, I started my journey to the India Gate.

It took a little more than 45 mins to reach India Gate. We got stuck in traffic a lot.

I got out of the cab and slowly walking towards the Gate, I didn't feel anything. I was shooing away instant photographers and clicking snaps in my camera.
But when I got near the monument, I stopped and looked up- it took my breath away. The feeling that came over me is not describable. It is a War Memorial- something whispered in my head. Yes! I know it is a war memorial! I had seen the India Gate numerous times in television, newspapers and heard lots also. Then why this structure in front of me is blocking my lungs! I felt elated, proud and speechless.

I circled the Gate and continuously clicked my camera. Some Jawans were erecting the multi-colored flags for some ceremony later that day. A soldier is shouting out instructions. The first snap of the Gate with the flags and the Sun shining beautifully is my proud shot.

I was planning to spend only 15 mins at the Gate. But I stayed more than 45 mins drowning my chances of seeing one more place in Delhi. Perfectly content and glad that I took the risk of visiting these places before my flight, I started for the Airport. But when I was standing in the queue for getting my boarding pass, I knew- I knew that this is a place to which I will return one day to see the other sights and experiences I missed this time... I surely will return...