Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Blogs I am following and some chit chat...

Hi Everyone!

Hope all are well. I have added some more interesting blogs to my list. Hope you stop by them also. They are just wonderful!

I am off to another trip to Bangalore this Sunday. I know that the travel experience to Bannerghatta Zoo in Bangalore is still pending to be posted. I just can't find the time to open my laptop once I reach home after office. I was eagerly reading Debbie Macomber's 'The Shop on Blossom Street' and finished it yesterday. Along with that I was knitting a scarf also for which I afraid I ran out of yarn so need to stop by the thread store this Saturday before I leave for Bangalore.

I heard the review of 'Life of Pi' by Ang Lee is very good. So me and my friends are planning to watch it next week in Bangalore. Today I did something spontaneously- I booked two tickets for the 3D version of the movie for my friend and her husband. C is a very hard working type.She really deserves a break after some strenuous weeks of traveling up and down states and she always finds it difficult to find time to have some fun. So I thought it is time she took a break...I am keeping it as a surprise for C today. I hope she enjoys the movie...

Take Care...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mahabalipuram...Sun, Sand, Sea and Stone...Part7...

I think I have stopped with being at the Shore Temple.

Well one thing we notice is that, the old stone carvings in Mahabalipuram is not like regular temple carvings. They are so old and unfinished. Mahabalipuram was like a stone carving school in the late 6th and 7th century. So most of the carvings are not complete or perfect. Some stone structures are even not clear or meaningful. It is a total stone city(actually even the dust bins are made of stone).

The outer parts of the Stone temple is mostly eroded by the salty wind from the nearby sea. The day we chose to visit was beautiful, calm and we escaped with only a slight Sun tan. 

Archeological Survey of India has maintained the place very well. The surroundings are litter free and beautifully kept plants and lawn makes the stay a pleasant one.(And very clean rest rooms which is a very rare experience in India. My advice for future travelers- Don't use 'Pay and Use Bathrooms' in Mahabalipuram. Use the one inside the Shore Temple site. It is clean and free.)

From there we went to climb the rocky slopes which will lead us to the lighthouse. The slopes were beginning with lots of half finished mandapas. We saw lot of stone carvings here also. There was a legend of Lord Krishna lifting the mountain to shield others from rain, lion with a man's face evolving into monkeys, a man milking a cow...
Then we reached the lighthouse. It was a beautiful view from the lighthouse. 

Then we saw 'Krishna's Butter ball'. A huge stone balancing by itself on a slope. Then we went to see the Five Rathas which is said to be related to Mahabaratha. There was a huge statue of an elephant also. 

Since all these places were close by, we didn't require any transportation. We simply walked but the climbing had doused our spirits a bit. But luckily we had carried a lot of water and snacks in our backpacks. Mahabalipuram is a very hot place. Never leave the shade without a bottle of water in your hand. The weather is very dehydrating. We bought water from the local stands also, but had to pay extra charges along with MRP for cold water( which was not fair). Then there were ice creams vendors also. So forgetting our diets, we succumbed to the temptation because of the hot weather.

At last we went to the sea shore. There were street vendors who sold things made to sea shells. They were mighty expensive. But bought one or two things despite the price. I will share the pictures of the soveniers in my next post. I made a very beautiful hanging with one.

Sitting on the sea shore we relaxed for some time. Listened to songs from our mobile phones, ate ice creame again (twice), picked sea shells, played in the water and watched others who came to enjoy the waters. 

It was a nice experience. We enjoyed a lot. Of course there are lot of more photos which I will share soon. 
 The important things is- We felt free... relaxed... and content... with a mind full of wonderful memories we started our journey back to Chennai....

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mahabalipuram...Sun, Sand, Sea and Stone...Part6.....

The Five Rathas

Street Shop near the Sea

Another Mandapa
The Stories regarding all the pictures coming up in the next post.

Mahabalipuram...Sun, Sand, Sea and Stone...Part5...

This rock is known as Krishna's Butter Ball

The Light House

Buddha Statue

Light House on the Rocks

Mahabalipuram...Sun, Sand, Sea and Stone...Part4...

Strange Carvings

Mandapas or failed temple?

Cut Stones

Mahabalipuram...Sun, Sand, Sea and Stone...Part3...

Stone Carvings on the way to the Light House

Lord Krishna lifting mountain 

Unfinished Mandapa

Mahabalipuram...Sun, Sand, Sea and Stone...Part2

 Some more pictures...

Strange Tiger Statue near Shore Temple

In front of Shore Temple

Water Hole near Shore Temple

Mahabalipuram...Sun, Sand, Sea and Stone...Part1...

I just want to share a wonderful travel experience....

My friends and me decided to go to Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) from Chennai. Usually, the Sun will be very cruel in Mahabalipuram. But the day we chose to go was very ideal and not so hot but still we ended up with a bad tan was another story....:-)

We started early and it took us 2 hrs to reach Mahabalipuram from Chennai. We took an ordinary MTC (Metro Transport Corporation of Chennai) bus. The travel was good. We saw lot of salt farms and all.

Mahabalipuram is a very old city. See the history in Wikipedia-

The city is full of old temples, rocks and stone carvings. We first went to Hotel Mamalla Bhavan for breakfast which was very cheap and the food was excellent.

Then we located a tourist information office from where we got a map of the city. On the way we saw lot of stone carving shops. The statues were beautiful, especially statues of Buddha.

Then went to the historical 'Shore Temple' where we could see the very old stone temple built in 6th century which is now maintained by Archaeological Survey of India.

Before I go on, let me share some photos first.

Buddha Statue in a Stone Carving Shop

Stone Carving Shop

Stone Carving Shop

The Shore Temple

I think I better continue in the next post. This one is getting too large...

Busy week...

Hi everyone!

Was busy last few days as my grand mother got ill and needed to stay with her in the hospital. Glad to say that she is doing good now.

Was worried a lot and now I could do some crafting, sewing and knitting....

Friday, November 9, 2012

Relief..... Exams are over...

I feel relief washing over me once the exams are over..... Completed the semester....

Well now it is back to blogging... after a long time.....